In Bihar, the Lalu prasad Yadav-led RJD has expressed strong opinions at a time when the opening of the new parliament building is being widely criticised. RJD compared the new parliament building to a coffin, a symbol of death, in a tweet that is sure to stir up a lot of debate. The image was shared on twitter by the RJD alongside a picture of the new parliament with the hindi text "yeh kya hai?"

RJD leader Shakti Singh Yadav responded by saying that they intend to claim that they are burying democracy. It is claimed that the nation rejects this. He emphasised that parliament is a forum for discussions and resembles a temple of democracy. bjp responded to this tweet in a similar manner. A sedition prosecution should be filed against people who compared the parliament building to a coffin, according to party leader Sushil Kumar Modi.

According to bjp spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia, you will undoubtedly be buried in the same casket in 2024. He wrote on twitter that it is a historic day, and the nation is proud. You are who you are—Nazarbattu. Keep pounding the chest. The citizens of the nation will bury you in this casket in 2024 and deny you the opportunity to step foot inside the temple of the new democracy. Let it also be determined that you will carry the nation's coffin.

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