If warren buffett dies, share it with your children..! Find out why now.

When billionaire investor warren buffett dies, a portion of his $96 billion fortune will be distributed to every child on earth, according to reports. In 2010, Berkshire Hathaway CEO warren buffett said he would give away 99 percent of his wealth to charity. According to Buffett, out of the 90 billion dollar share of Berkshire, 56 billion dollars will go to the Gates Foundation, which belongs to billionaire Bill Gates. Additionally, $17.4 billion will be donated to four charities owned by Warren Buffett's family. Apart from these, it seems that Buffett wants to spend another 18.7 billion dollars within 10 years of his death, according to Fortune.

However, one of the ideas to distribute the remaining $18.7 billion is to create a global children's savings bank. Through this, every child around the world will receive thousands of dollars. A former employee of the Gates Foundation told the Washington Post.. "This option is set aside for consideration, like a war plan that can be implemented when necessary." However, it is still not revealed how he will distribute the rest of his wealth after his death.

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