Shah Rukh scolded anurag kashyap for this act, the director revealed

anurag kashyap is such a director of hindi cinema who, apart from his films, is also in discussion about his outspoken statements. There was a time when anurag kashyap was very active on social media and always used to make outspoken statements. people did not like his sharp statements at all, this was the reason that he and his daughter started receiving threats regarding this.

Recently, anurag kashyap himself has disclosed that due to his political opinion and tweets, his daughter Aaliya even started receiving threats. His daughter was even threatened with rape and death. These threats badly affected her and her daughter. Not only this, even the director started having panic attacks.

anurag kashyap has also revealed that Shah Rukh called him several times and explained that he should not do this. Not only this, Shahrukh also explained to the actor that he should leave Twitter. Anurag further said that shahrukh khan was his senior in college and even today when Anurag gets a call from Badshah, he stands up.

anurag kashyap told that his daughter alia is his weakness. The director says that he can survive without other things, but when it comes to his daughter, he gets very upset. He told that when he was receiving threats regarding his daughter, the director was quite nervous.

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