As a good hero for the fans, as the best person for the family, as a mega power star for the silver screen, Mr. Perfect seems to be perfect from all angles. Also, Ramcharan loves dumb animals too. ram charan Tej's pet dog rhyme already has a range of fans. ram charan Tej also rears horses with great love. He builds a special form for them and spends time with them regularly every month.

No matter how busy Charan is, if he finds a gap, he takes a U-turn to his farm house. But recently, Ramcharan posted photos of another new horse on social media. He also captioned it as Blaze, my new friend. ram charan, who posted some photos of horses in the past, went viral within minutes when he posted a new friend's photo. Ramcharan Tej is once again understood as an animal lover.

 It is known that Mega power star is currently busy with the movie Game Changer. The shooting of this movie, which is being made under the direction of Shankar, is still very balanced. All the original film work should be completed by this time. But on the other hand shankar is busy with the movie indian 2 and this project is getting delayed. The release date has not been clarified. dil raju also burdened Shankar. And soon ram charan is going to bring the Buchi Babu project on the sets.

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