The chief minister of bihar, Nitish Kumar, criticized the construction company that was building the bridge a day after it collapsed, alleging that the business had not done it appropriately. Construction of the Aguwani-Sultanganj bridge over the ganga was assigned to SP Singla Construction Company. It has already cost Rs 1717 crore to build the bridge, which has already fallen in two places.

According to Nitish Kumar, the business was in charge of the bridge's faulty construction. The bihar cm stated, "We have asked officials to take action on it." Nitish Kumar, the chief minister of bihar, has called for an investigation into the tragedy and the designation of individuals accountable for the fall. The 'Pul Nirman Nigam' has been asked for a report.

On Sunday, june 4, at approximately 6 o'clock, a bridge that was still under construction collapsed in Bhagalpur, Bihar. Two sections of the bridge were seen to collapse one after the other as the scene was captured on video. There have been no recorded casualties. The Aguwani-Sultanganj ganga bridge project started in 2014, however, eight completion dates have been missed. In april 2022, a storm caused considerable damage to the bridge as well.

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