One genre that never loses its lustre is the crime thriller. The definition of the ideal criminal thriller is one that keeps you interested from beginning to end and satisfies you with the resolution. A movie seldom meets all the requirements. Por Thozhil, a film by debutante Vignesh raja that was made by Applause Entertainment in collaboration with E4 Experiments and Eprius Studio, is also included in the list. It captures your interest in the opening frame and keeps you startled all the way through.

Ghastly killings of young women rock Trichy in the 2010s. The police enlist Lokanathan (Sarath Kumar) and Prakash (Ashok Selvan) to continue the investigation as they look for trends. Even though Lokanathan has a short fuse, he does a fantastic job at his profession. On the other side, Prakash is socially uncomfortable and afraid to urinate in the dark. They work together to solve the mystery and identify the culprit and his or her motivation.

The key to writing successful crime thrillers is to keep the shocks coming. Once the villain or suspect is revealed, the director needs to have more substance in the plot to explain the horrific crimes the character committed. In Por Thozhil, filmmaker Vignesh raja crammed layers of plot while maintaining the narrative's flow. In the movie, Lokanathan and Prakash identify the culprit using the fewest cues possible and make a connection to serial killings that occurred in the 1970s.

The spectator is transported to Lokanathan and Prakash's universe, where they discover the identity of the murderer together with us. The movie features a lot of jump scares, which is good for the movie. The characterizations of sarath kumar and ashok Selvan are the film's greatest assets. Understanding the two officers' personalities enables us to relate to their responses to the killers on a deeper level. While Prakash is highly emotional, Lokanathan is unyielding.

It was terrifying to see Vignesh expose a suspect at the intermission. But he then delivered a strong second half that included flashback sequences and other surprises. sarath kumar does a fantastic job portraying the intimidating officer. He also has a past, although it hasn't been thoroughly discussed. The position of a socially awkward and fearful police officer is ideal for ashok Selvan. The antagonists, whose identities are withheld from readers to avoid spoiling the experience, also perfectly executed their roles.

However, Por Thozhil has certain small drawbacks. The scenes contain a few unbelievable elements. To remain engrossed in the plot, one must look past them. Following the director and actors, Jakes Bejoy's soundtrack improved the movie. His use of background music and quiet in the picture worked nicely. This thriller was made intelligent by the labor of the editors Sreejith Sarang and Kalaiselvan Sivaji.

One of the most intriguing thrillers in recent memory is Por Thozhil. It is a movie that should be enjoyed in BIG SCREENS.

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