According to train minister ashwini Vaishnav, the whole chennai Central railway station is powered entirely by solar energy. The indian Railways is working to enhance solar power generation at stations around the country. chennai Central railway station, one of the nation's most major railway stations, has become self-sufficient in solar power generation as part of this effort.

Solar panels put in the railway station's walkways and shelters helped to reach the goal of 100 percent electricity. This was proudly said by Railway minister ashwini Vaishnav. The Central railway station uses solar energy to create 6,000 units of electricity each day. This railway station, as well as the suburban electric train station, the administrative office, and the Southern Railway head office, are all equipped with electricity.

On the basis of chennai 2.O project Nalamiku chennai, it is proposed to develop various health infrastructures by focusing on public health. In addition, the city has scheduled numerous events to improve physical fitness as part of the 75th Independence Day celebrations, such as cycling for a week and exercising in parks. DMK MK stalin has started several initiatives to transform chennai to a new one!

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