Superstar Shah Rukh Khan makes his cinematic comeback with Pathaan after a lengthy 4 year absence. To make it even grander, he is accompanied by salman khan, deepika Padukone, and john Abraham. If that weren't enough, siddharth anand, who is known for his action thrillers like war and Bang Bang!, hooks up with SRK. By adding Kabir and tiger to the mix, the spy universe created by yash Raj Films and salman khan is expanded.

The movie Pathaan is breaking box office records. The movie is anticipated to break opening records because of the intense pre-release excitement. Without further ado, let's look at how the film became the biggest box office success on its very first day. Action thriller expert siddharth anand continues to demonstrate this. He had everything he needed to create a flawless action thriller with eye-catching visuals. Scale, design, and presentation are all in favour of the commercial action movie.

Crowds are catered to in dialogue. deepika makes songs interesting. The music of Sanchit and Ankit Balhara is good. The film is stretched, though. Even if they know the tale, viewers must wait patiently until the climax. The movie isn't emotionally compelling.

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