It is believed that the bharatiya janata party in Andhra Pradesh, which has maintained that it is still in an alliance with the Jana Sena party led by Pawan Kalyan, has opted not to participate in the next Pawan Kalyan "yatra" that would take place throughout the entire state. The "Vaarahi" yatra of Pawan Kalyan, according to bjp state president Somu Veerraju, would not be supported by the bjp because it was a part of his personal agenda. The bjp would continue to support Pawan Kalyan, but the party is not need to give his Vaarahi yatra any special attention, he said.

He emphasised that the Jana Sena party and the bjp are two distinct political parties with their own political initiatives. Why then should we meddle in the political affairs of another party? Veeraju enquired. The bjp president recalled how his party had previously undertaken various initiatives, such as the Jana Poru yatra, but Pawan Kalyan, his party officials, or cadres had not offered the saffron party any assistance.

He maintained that the BJP-Jana Sena coalition would constitute Andhra Pradesh's next government in 2024 in the same sentence. He declined to comment on the seat-sharing negotiations between the telugu desam party and the Jana Sena. "We don't want to answer speculative queries. Asking pawan kalyan directly about his plans is preferable. We'll announce our position after he publicly declares that he is not in an alliance with the bjp, Veerraju added.

Regarding Pawan Kalyan's frequent meetings with tdp president N Chandrababu Naidu, the bjp leader claimed that since pawan kalyan is a popular hero, anyone may meet him and there is nothing wrong with it. "We don't find wrong with such gatherings when there are no political decisions in such sessions," he continued.

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