Think about your surroundings. Everyone is a part of corruption in some capacity. My parents used to promise me a bike as a child if I achieved a 90% grade point average. This marked the beginning of the mental degeneration of our kids. Now, I just tell my children to keep working hard, and if they achieve really high goals, I'll treat them and buy them gifts. I don't offer rewards for getting good grades.

We had one bike between the three of us in college. Our initial response when the police stopped us was to pay them for 100 rupees to avoid a fine. There were lots of folks who did this regularly. Even though not all of them are, most police officers are corrupt. Whether it's a tiny or large corruption, the scenario frequently causes people to become corrupt.

Let's talk about marriages. Offering dowry and making presents are two separate actions. When we care about our kids, we offer them presents. But when we provide dowries, we commit corruption. Even though we are aware that doing so is immoral, social pressure frequently forces us to. Social conventions do not exempt us.

This also applies to politicians. people are now expressing an interest in entering politics merely to protect their illicit companies or whatever. I'd say that 95 percent of the politicians in office today are crooked and just in office to gain personal gain or protect their reputations. There will be a lot of people, including government workers, if I keep writing.

Finally, it should be noted that corruption is rooted in indian culture. So, it's feasible that corruption won't be entirely eradicated in our lifetime. Instead, we are forced to pick between possibilities that are more or less corrupt. Let's instil new ideals in our children while we raise them away from ingrained conventions in the hopes of bringing about change in the future.

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