It has been reported for some time that dj Tillu star and young hero siddhu Jonnalagadda have teamed up for a movie with mass raja Raviteja. It's impossible to miss the remake of Simbu's most recent blockbuster, "Manaadu," which features the time loop idea. Here is a report on the remake, although venkat prabhu directed the original.

According to reports, Raviteja requested that the writing team make some significant alterations to the plot. This is so because SJ Suryah, who plays the anti-hero pretty naturally in the original, is the parallel lead to simbu, who is the hero. If Raviteja plays simbu again, Siddhu's portrayal as a police officer (SJ Surya) won't make any sense. Although Raviteja would look well as a police officer given his advanced age, the actor doesn't want to portray a bad guy at this point in his career when he has enormous smash movies in the 100+ crore area heading his way.

For this reason, it is reported that the production company behind this remake has now put together a group of talented and well-known telugu writers to update the script. Raviteja will only take on this remake if the script is strong. Otherwise, he can decide to tell siddhu a completely different story.

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