Telugu star rekha Boj sparked outrage on social media after claiming that if india wins the upcoming 2023 cricket world cup, she will embark on a celebration "streak" on Visakhapatnam beach. The comment has sparked outrage, with many calling it rude and improper.

As cricket excitement approaches fever pitch, with india preparing to meet australia in the world cup final on november 19, rekha Boj's audacious statement has become a hot topic of conversation. The actress made her unusual commitment on X (previously Twitter), writing, "If india wins the world cup, I will streak on Visakhapatnam beach."

The statement, however, did not sit well with many on social media, with many netizens expressing their displeasure with rekha Boj's unexpected pledge. Many criticized her for exploiting the world cup to promote herself, calling the revelation a marketing gimmick.

One twitter user drew a comparison to a similar occurrence involving model and actress poonam pandey in 2011. "In 2011, poonam pandey said the same thing," a user added. Because it's for PR purposes."

Poonam Pandey attracted notoriety and sparked controversy during the 2011 ICC cricket world cup when she promised to strip nude if india won the tournament. poonam pandey promised to strip for the indian cricket team and the entire nation as a means of celebrating the triumph.

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