Cargo ship hijacked by Houthi rebels in red Sea...

Israel has charged the Houthi rebels in yemen with taking over a foreign cargo ship in the red Sea. According to Israel, the cargo ship that the Houthi rebels took over was en route to India. Declaring it a terrorist attack, Tel Aviv believes it has placed the blame on Iran. He claims that this is a worldwide incident of the utmost gravity.

According to the office of prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Houthi rebels, who support iran, have taken control of the British-owned and operated cargo ship that was sailing from Japan. Not a single Israeli national was present on board. According to Netanyahu's office, iran is committing terrorism with this conduct, endangering the security of international maritime lanes. This demonstrates what iran has been doing to the people of the free world.

How did the rebels from Houthi land?

The Houthi rebels in yemen claim to have taken control of a cargo ship. But they say they have taken over an Israeli ship. The ship has been transported to a Yemeni port from the red Sea. "We are treating the crew members of the ship according to Islamic rules and regulations," a spokesman for a Houthi rebel military unit stated. Prior to fighters landing from the helicopter and executing the hijacking, the Houthi rebels launched a helicopter against the ship.

Which nation's people are on board the vessel?

According to Israel, the ship's crew consists of roughly twenty-five people who are nationals of the Philippines, Bulgaria, Mexico, Ukraine, and the Philippines. Additionally, two US defense officials have attested to the fact that Houthi militants used a helicopter to seize the ship known as Galaxy Leadership. The Houthi rebels further declare that they will attack any ship flying the Israeli flag or operating out of Israel. workers on these ships who are citizens of other nations have also received threats to quit.

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