Prominent Muslim religious and social groups have chosen to hold a one-day telangana state-level Muslim convention in hyderabad on march 3 to address the current struggles experienced by the Muslim minority in india, especially telangana, in the face of the hateful climate in the nation.
A convention to increase awareness among the public, particularly Muslims, was decided upon by the representatives of Tahreek Muslim Shabban, Jamiat-e-Ahle Hadees, Shariah Faisla Board, MPJ, WPI, Wahdat Islami, Shia Council, All india Seerat Committee, and other notable organizations.
Muslim leaders expressed their dismay at the attack on religious identity, culture, and legacy at a recent conference of the Muslim religious and social groups.

They abandoned the "wait and watch" approach because they believed it would not serve to advance the interests of the community and that all groups should instead legally combat the issues at hand by investigating various legal options.
They decided that raising awareness was essential to combating these harmful aspects of society and said that there were community forces actively trying to foster enmity throughout the nation.

Lawful Solutions
The groups resolved during the conference to use the Places of Worship Act 1991 as their exclusive legal foundation in the Gyanvapi Masjid dispute and to reject any biased rulings based on skewed or false historical or religious accounts. They said that any law that violates Shariah will be rejected by the Muslim community.

They said that they would not put up with anything that targeted mosques, seminaries, or Shariah.
There are rumors that Ulemas, Mashaiqeen, Imams, Khateebs, and social activists from all across telangana will be present in the scheduled conference. They will adopt a resolution addressing significant matters.
In addition, the heads of well-known secular political parties will be called to the final meeting, where they will also be briefed on the resolutions and asked to endorse the cause.

Silence of Media
Mohammad Mushtaq Malik, the president of Tehreek Muslim Shabban, voiced his disapproval of the destruction of the 600-year-old Mahroli mosque in Delhi, the Mariam Madrasa in Haldoni, Uttarakhand, and the donation of a Dargah's property in Baghpat to a temple.
"No madrasa or mosque would be safe from communal forces if mainstream parties stopped condemning such demolitions," he said.
He said that leaders from all ideologies and sects will be present at the telangana Muslim Convention.


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