KTR Vs revanth Reddy: KTR's sensational allegations..!?

 Former minister ktr refutes phone tapping allegations. revanth reddy, who is making accusations against him, made counter-accusations. The issue of phone tapping in telangana is causing a lot of trouble. Serious allegations are being made against the leaders of the previous government. Allegations are being made against ktr who was a key minister in the previous government. These allegations are causing a stir. For the first time, BRS party Working President ktr spoke to a media channel about these allegations. He declared that 'I have nothing to do with this tapping affair'.
KTR refuted the allegations of phone tapping. 'I am not involved in tapping. If you have committed it, prove it, he challenged. Besides, ktr gave a sensational challenge to revanth reddy and kishan reddy who are accusing him. Both accusers also come. I will sit with them. Do a lie detector test' he challenged. Prepare for a lie detector test at Gunpark, ravindra Bharati, or any public place. But they also have to prepare for the lie detector test', he said.Not stopping at that, ktr made sensational allegations against revanth Reddy. 'Revanth reddy is tapping the phones of Ministers Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka, Ponguleti srinivas reddy and Uttam Kumar Reddy' made serious allegations. 'Are you ready for the lie detector test to prove that they did not do the tapping... I am ready' he reiterated. He explained that such allegations are being brought to the fore to divert the attention of the people as they cannot implement the promises given by the government.
Reacting to the defeat in the assembly elections, ktr said, 'We have made some mistakes. We will definitely correct it, he said. He expressed confidence that he will work harder and win more seats in the lok sabha elections. 'Revanth reddy has not fulfilled his promises in four months. We have overthrown the revanth reddy government. khammam and nalgonda bombs are next to him. He will be the first person to join the bjp after the lok sabha elections," he said.

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