Many horror films in the film business give viewers nightmares and insomnia for several nights. One of the most gifted pan-Indian actresses starred in a web series that was launched in 2021 if that kind of stuff appeals to you. The narrative of the film and the performances of the leading actors were well-received by reviewers and captured the hearts of viewers. 

Venkat Prabhu is the writer and director of the horror thriller series Live Telecast, which is produced in Tamil. priyanka Nair, Daniel Annie Pope, Anandhi, Vaibhav, Ashwin Kumar Lakshmikanthan, and pan-Indian star kajal aggarwal are among the cast members. Disney Plus Hotstar is now offering the movie for streaming.

The Live Telecast takes place in 2005, and it starts with the team going to the Dark Tales show's success celebration. This is where the storyline presents each character in the film. venkat prabhu made his OTT directing debut with this scary web series. It centers around Jennifer Matthew, a self-centered, TRP-hungry individual who is willing to take advantage of people's superstitions to further her program and provide content for the viewership.

In an attempt to get their program back on the top spot, Jennifer and her production team shot in a home where some people have reported sensing demonic activity. Nevertheless, when they learn that the house is haunted and they see paranormal activity, things get worse.

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