According to DK Aruna, the bjp candidate for mahabubnagar lok sabha, she and her husband possess a fleet of eighty-two vehicles, consisting of automobiles and lorries. Her spouse, DK Bharat simha Reddy, is a renowned contractor. In the previous ap administration led by YS Rajasekhara Reddy, DK Aruna held the position of minister. Her affidavit states that she has received education up to the intermediate level. Her family's whole estate is worth Rs 66.4 crore, and she is presently being prosecuted in six different criminal cases.

Top bjp leaders Etala Rajendar and D.K. Aruna were among those who filed their nominations on Thursday, the opening day of the lok sabha election nomination process. Throughout the day, fifteen applicants submitted their nominations: twelve from the general category, three from the sc communities, and two from the STs. Nominations are accepted through april 25.
The moveable assets of M. Raghunandan Rao, the bjp contender for the medak lok sabha seat, grew from Rs 66.33 lakh in 2018, when he ran as an mla from Dubbak, to Rs 9.02 crore in six years, per the affidavits submitted with the nomination papers. His immovable assets increased by a meager Rs 16 lakh from their valuation of Rs 3.69 crore six years prior. However, his wife's immovable assets almost quadrupled, going from Rs 5.02 crore to Rs 9.02 crore. Several charges against him were still outstanding, according to the affidavit.


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