Some internet users took issue with Rashmika's response to the Atal Setu in Mumbai. She called the bridge an amazing engineering achievement that can cut a two-hour trip down to just 20 minutes. rashmika took to social media to show her gratitude for this wonder of infrastructure.
Although rashmika usually gets a lot of support when she publishes, this time a lot of people disagreed with her. Her remarks were also the subject of internet trolling. Rashmika was asked directly by a netizen whether she was attempting to mimic kangana Ranaut's vocal political position.
Someone else recommended that rashmika go on the mumbai local train rather than the Atal Setu to get a taste of an average Indian's day-to-day existence.  Rashmika's preference, according to a different commentator, was to study infrastructure while relaxing in her automobile. Racist comments made by rashmika were widely circulated.
Even while she garnered a lot of support during the uproar around the Deepfake video, her most recent post faced a lot of backlash. The reason for all of this is that the country is in election season. Earlier, rashmika faced similar trouble when she called kgf actor yash as 'Show Off'. 

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