Veligonda Project: Will the Tears be heard..!?

-The people of Veligonda have been waiting for cultivation and drinking water for 2 decades.

-If the veligonda project is completed, relief for 16 lakh farmers.

• They promise to complete the project work if they come back to power.

It is known that the farmers of prakasam district have been waiting with a thousand eyes for water for decades. It is in this background that if any leader comes to power, they are waiting a lot to build the Veligonda reservoir and solve their problems. No matter how many leaders come to power, they continue to rule, but no one is doing the plan to solve the problems of the people permanently. It can be understood if you look at the conditions of the people there. Meanwhile, the late leader Rajasekhar reddy laid the foundation stone for this project in 2004. After that, the project was closed on the spot. Even after many parties came to power, none of them even looked at this project.

 If this project is completed, not only will irrigation water be provided to 30 mandals in three districts, and also more than 16 lakh people will also get drinking water. The veligonda project report was prepared in 1994 to divert the waters of the krishna river to the prakasam district and make vegetation without problems with drinking water. On march 5, 1996, the then chief minister Chandrababu laid the first foundation stone for the Veligonda project. The foundation stone was laid but due to the non-release of funds, the work of the project stopped.

As part of the projects undertaken in the name of the late leader YS Rajasekhar reddy who came to power in 2004, ysr once again laid the foundation stone for this veligonda project and started the works. Hundreds of TMCs of water flow into the sea during krishna floods. Construction of the veligonda project was undertaken to utilize flood water from the srisailam reservoir. A dam was built between the Sunkesula and Kakarla areas in the middle of the nallamala hills to hold back that water. 

After ycp came to power, two tunnel construction works were completed, but the water release was not yet seen. They promise to complete the project work if they come back to power, but we have to wait till june 4 to know the real thing. After more than 20 years, the people of Veligonda have been crying with water or tears, it has become a question that who will solve the problems of the people of Veligonda and make Veligonda light up.

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