This time around, there are a lot of seniors—including former ministers—vying for seats in the state cabinet because they won a lot of assembly elections around Andhra Pradesh. Nandamuri Balakrishna, a film actor and mla from Hindupur is rumored to have stated that he would like a position in the government. This is the Hindupur assembly segment's third straight win. The party's high leadership is coming under increasing pressure from Balayya's followers to appoint him to the government.

At least six MLAs from the united Anantapur district are running for government, including Balakrishna. telugu Desam has won each of the 14 local seats. Former Boya community minister Kalava Sreenivasulu, uravakonda mla payyavula Kesav, PAC chairman, Rapthadu mla Paritala Sunitha, who served as a minister in 2014, kadiri mla K venkat Prasad, and penukonda mla Sabitha are among the candidates for the cabinet.

Gummanur Jayaram, who left the YSRC, joined the TD, and ran as a candidate from Guntakal, is also running for a ministerial position. In the YSRC government, he served as a minister. In addition, Satyakumar, a prominent bjp leader who emerged victorious from the dharmavaram assembly sector, is a contender from the satya Sai district. With so many competitors, chandrababu naidu has a difficult task ahead of him. Additionally, the lone TD MLC from kadapa hopes to be appointed to the government.

Similar to this, Kurnool, the district from where YSRC has only secured two assembly seats, has fierce rivalry for cabinet posts. The son of the previous chief minister, Kotla Vijayabhaskar reddy, Kotla Suryaprakash reddy, defeated Finance minister Buggana Rajendranath reddy to win the Dhone seat. He's working hard to get a slot. Akila Priya, an allagadda mla, is also anticipating a position as a minister. This time, senior MLAs from tirupati and Chittoor—among them TD contender P. nani from the chandragiri seat—are also aiming to cut.

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