The BRS has accused minister Ponnam prabhakar of being involved in fraud involving the removal and shipment of fly ash from the NTPC's ramagundam Thermal Power Plant. At a news conference on Tuesday, BRS MLAs Padi kaushik Reddy, K.P. Vivekanand, and Dr. K. Sanjay made these accusations.
According to kaushik Reddy, 72 tonnes of fly ash were being carried, even though a lorry was supposed to carry 32 tonnes, and the waybills made no indication of this amount. Through the unauthorized transportation of extra fly ash, up to Rs 50 lakh is being produced unlawfully; Anoop, the minister's nephew, is collecting this money. I saw thirty of these vehicles passing through Husnabad. Following notification, the police took control of two vehicles while releasing the others, according to kaushik Reddy.

He insisted on a comprehensive investigation of the flyash transportation process and the involvement of NTPC personnel. "The proof is with me. The minister is inciting protests against me rather than taking any concrete action. He said, "Our cadres will take to the streets and block the lorries if this activity does not stop." The BRS has alleged a scam in the removal and transportation of fly ash from the NTPC’s ramagundam Thermal Power Plant, and charged minister Ponnam prabhakar with involvement.

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