The indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted significant rainfall during monsoon season, and the Cyberabad police have asked IT businesses to observe staggered times within their jurisdiction. In a recent meeting, the police recommended that the IT businesses, GHMC, and other relevant departments establish staggered schedules for their personnel in order to mitigate traffic congestion that is worsened by persistent downpours.

The goal of the staggered timings is to decrease the number of workers who commute to and from work during peak hours, which will ultimately reduce traffic and mitigate the negative effects of heavy rains on the region's transport system.Many IT firms are following the advice and using staggered schedules.
According to a senior Cyberabad traffic police officer, "These concerted efforts are expected to ease the traffic situation and minimise disruptions caused by the inclement weather."
In the meantime, representatives of various IT and ITES organisations participated in an interactive meeting hosted by Cyberabad Joint Commissioner (Traffic) Joel Davis to examine in-depth the problem of streamlining traffic in the IT corridor.

The official stated, "These meetings also assist us in devising a system where employees need to spend the least amount of time on the road, either to reach office or home."
Several recommendations that emerged from the industry included promoting carpooling as an idea and having staggered log-in and log-out times, among other things. Employee carpooling was suggested since most of them—roughly 3 lakh—drive their automobiles to work, which causes significant traffic jams during inclement weather.

It was also discussed whether or not to stagger office hours, since this may help reduce traffic during rush hours. For traffic advisories during rainy weather, the IT companies have requested that its staff members download the "My GHMC" and "Traffic Police" smartphone applications.
"When it rains, notifications are received on these apps, allowing some people to choose to stay in the office longer rather than thousands of people leaving the house at once and creating traffic jams," the police stated.

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