Modi 3.0: All eyes are on the speaker of the Lok Sabha..?

The Janata Dal (United) and the telugu desam party seem to have differing views on the contentious issue, days after the Opposition's india group stated that the lok sabha Speaker's seat must be given to the BJP's national democratic alliance (NDA) partners. The ruling alliance's allies need to decide on a consensus candidate, according to N Chandrababu Naidu's tdp, while Nitish Kumar's Janata Dal (United) declared it will support the BJP's choice. According to KC Tyagi, the leader of Janata Dal (United), JD(U) and the tdp are partners of the nda, and they will back the candidate that the bharatiya janata party has selected.

"The telugu desam party (TDP) and Janata Dal-United (JDU) are major members of the NDA. We will back the individual the bjp has selected (to be Speaker)," Tyagi told ANI. On the other side, tdp national spokesperson Pattabhi ram Kommareddy told The indian Express that nda allies must decide on the candidate together. "Our choice for the Speaker will be decided by the nda partners in a meeting. He informed the publication, "Once an agreement is made, we will field that candidate and all partners, including the tdp, would support the candidate. 32 seats short of a majority, the bjp secured 240 lok sabha seats. N chandrababu naidu and nitish kumar emerged as the kingmakers with 16 and 12 lok sabha seats, respectively, and were crucial to the creation of prime minister Narendra Modi's third government. A partner of the india group, AAP, stated earlier last month that JD(U) or tdp should be given the position.

Senior Congressman ashok gehlot asserted that the BJP will begin horse-trading JD(U) and tdp MPs if it were to win the Speakership.

"The entire nation is anxiously awaiting the election of the lok sabha Speaker, not just the tdp and JD(U). Gehlot stated in hindi on 'X' that if the bjp does not want to take any further undemocratic actions, it ought to assign the Speakership to one of its partners.

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