This is the plan of Dwarampudi who targeted Pawan..!?

- Is Dwarampudi being targeted by the current government?
- Cops and janasena fans are sure to play.
- The new government started the game from kakinada port.

Former mla of kakinada City, ycp firebrand leader Dwaram Pudi Chandrasekhara Reddy. Is he being targeted by the current government? Irrespective of the condition of the tdp government, it seems that the Jana Sena leaders who are part of the alliance are not going to leave dust at our door. Even from two years before the elections, Dwarampudi targeted Jana Sena. He especially targeted janasena leader pawan kalyan and criticized him severely. Let's see how Pawan will win. At the same time, he lashed out at the leaders of the Janasena. He severely criticized the janasena in the matter of bjp saying that they had formed an alliance. At the same time, he filed cases against Jana Sena leaders. They were also targeted in constituencies where guards were strong. Due to this, there was a demand from both the janasena and the cops to put down the door and suppress it. As a result, they showed strength in the elections. janasena won all the constituencies in the east where it contested. Now, it seems that the Darimila, which has been formed by the government, is targeting Dwaram Pudi. Jana Sena leaders have filed cases against him mainly in Dwarampudi businesses like rice mills and rice exports. At the same time, the same level of criticism will be made on Dwaram Pudi.
Most importantly, efforts can be made to immediately transfer the officials who have been cooperating with Dwaram Pudi in kakinada Port and also to appoint the dismissed officials here. Therefore, it is not surprising that the business empire that Dwarampudi has been running until now has been blocked by kakinada port. As a result, Jana Sena leaders feel that if Dwaram Pudi's economic sources are destroyed and he is rendered helpless, then the smoke will subside on its own.

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