The question of whether the mandate against the Volunteers System is equivalent to the mandate against the ysr congress is being discussed. At first, tdp was against the Volunteers method, but they made an effort to change their minds by providing a higher honorarium. people are accustomed to receiving their pensions by door, therefore that feature of volunteers is crucial. 

Simultaneously, the ysr congress suffered a defeat since the Volunteers severed the link between the MLAs and the Public. So, if Chandrababu want to keep using the system, some repairs will be necessary. Due to the EC's ban on volunteers participating in elections, 1.08 lakh volunteers quit just before the polls in order to work for the ysr Congress. Chandrababu would need to fill 1.08 lakh jobs right now if he wishes to keep the volunteers system in place. 

Recall that the ysr congress designated supporters of their party as volunteers. Naturally, tdp cadres will get these posts. In the meantime, a large number of resigned volunteers are asking the government to accept them back, claiming that they left because of pressure from the leaders of the ruling party.

A number of volunteers recently met with Vanamadi Kondababu, the mla for kakinada Rural, and informed him that they were under pressure to resign from their positions by the Ruling party officials, who threatened to fire them if they won the election. They asked the mla to bring Chandrababu Naidu's attention to their predicament.

Just before the elections, a cunning game was conducted by the Volunteers, especially the ones who quit. When the ec forbade door-to-door pension delivery, volunteers gave the elderly folks rides on their bikes and attempted to instill in them the belief that Chandrababu was to blame for their situation. people, however, proved to be more astute and disapproved of this misinformation. That was something Chandrababu will never forget. Additionally, having working for jagan for so long, it will be extremely difficult for Volunteers to win the Chief Minister's trust.

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