Babu's Special Focus on TTD..!?

*Many people said that ycp did not focus much on tirumala tirupati Devasthanam.
* Chandrababu who started the exercise to bring the former glory.
*Chandrababu announced that he will give special attention to TTD.

Tirumala tirupati Devasthanam is one of the most famous temples in the country. This temple is located in the state of Andhra Pradesh. people come not only from all over the country but also from many countries around the world to visit this temple. Governments have been providing many facilities here so that the people who come with it do not face any problems and also to spread the greatness of tirumala tirupati Devasthanam all over the world. Free meals, hassle-free darshan, and many more facilities are provided here. We know that the ycp government came to power in andhra pradesh state in 2019. Many people have been accusing that after coming to power they did not focus much on tirumala tirupati Devasthanam and that there are no facilities here till now. With that, the telugu desam party has been saying that if we come to power, we will bring back the former glory to TTD. telugu desam party came to power. After coming to power, chandrababu naidu will give special attention to ttd, till now there were many facilities there, now those facilities have been reduced to a large extent. Henceforth ttd is going to regain its former glory. The current chief minister of andhra pradesh chandrababu naidu has said that we are going to organize many programs to promote divinity there. And this means that when chandrababu naidu comes, he is going to focus on TTD. Chandrababu announced that he will give special attention to ttd and people are also expressing their happiness.

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