In less than a week, Prabhas' eagerly awaited flick kalki 2898 AD is scheduled to hit theatres. This mytho-sci-fi epic, which was directed by Nag Ashwin, is getting positive reviews from its intended demographic. Reactions to the first trailer were not unanimous. There were compliments on Nag Ashwin's audacious plan and the striking way amitabh bachchan, kamal haasan, and prabhas were presented, but there were also complaints about poor dubbing, a dearth of impactful dialogue, and a few VFX hiccups.

A second trailer was expected to be published to generate more interest, particularly from the Hindi-speaking population. The second teaser for kalki 2898 AD was shown to the media only yesterday at the occasion in Mumbai. Also, the creators made sure it wasn't posted online. On june 21, they said that the release trailer would be made available digitally.
 Our sources claim that the second kalki 2898 AD trailer—also referred to as the release trailer—is a visual extravaganza devoid of many spoken words. In brief appearances, amitabh bachchan and kamal haasan both seem stunning, and deepika padukone also receives a lot of attention. prabhas looks good with the high-tech cars and equipment. The film's hype is undoubtedly heightened by this second trailer, which gets people excited to see it on the big screen.

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