After living with Santanu Hazarika for over four years, shruti haasan dissolved their relationship. Three months have passed since shruti and Santanu broke up, and she just told her instagram followers that she is single but not ready to date. shruti haasan once dated several stars, including naga chaitanya and Siddharth.
Her recent mysterious instagram Stories photos provoked a lot of conjecture. "I never turn around, but when I do... She wrote in her message, "I'm so glad I went ahead and did whatever I wanted to." While some conjectured that she was talking about her recent breakup and previous relationships, others thought she may be making a hint about a potential new love interest. Has she really gone back on dating?

Actress shruti haasan has won over fans with her new spontaneous and carefree videos with her father, renowned actor Kamal Haasan. In a recent media event, the actress—who is now putting all of her attention into her acting and singing careers—said that she will never helm her father's biography. When asked if she would direct Kamal Haasan's biopic in the future, given the trend of biopics in Kollywood, the actress said she would not and that there are many talented directors who should be approached instead because only they can truly justify Kamal Haasan's life in the film industry.

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