An official stated here on friday that a man and a woman were taken into custody by the Bharti Vidyapeeth police station for carrying out a possibly lethal prank to take pictures atop a crumbling temple structure. They are recognized as 27-year-old Mihir gandhi and his 23-year-old buddy Minakshi Salunkhe; the third individual who was responsible for creating the reel has vanished.
"We started looking into it after learning about the video, and we were able to find them. Late last night, they received a call to the police station, where they were taken into custody. Dashrath Patil, a senior inspector at the Bharti Vidyapeeth police station, told IANS, "We have charged them under IPC Section 336 and others."

They won't be sent back to detention, Patil continued, because the offense is small and carries a sentence of fewer than six months in jail together with a fine or both.
Pune residents were startled earlier this week to witness the child, girl, and mysterious reel maker pulling off a risky stunt on the roof of an abandoned temple.
The girl Salunkhe, laughing away, carefully descended, grasped Gandhi's hand, and was seen hanging in midair from a height that would have required at least ten stories in a structure. gandhi was observed lying at the edge of the temple roof.

Speeding cars pass on a nearby road, and the background reveals the depth below the structure, suggesting that if her grasp had fallen, she would have met a grisly death.
As soon as the video went public, many became enraged and demanded harsh punishment for the couple for putting their lives in danger and providing a poor example for others, especially children.
Patil expressed optimism that the third accomplice, who was filming the reel on his phone, would be apprehended shortly and stated that the police were searching for him.


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