Elephant tramples 45-year-old man to death...

In the Goalpara area of assam on Saturday, a wild elephant is said to have trampled a 45-year-old man to death. Subject to their knowledge, forest officials reported that the deceased's body was found early on sunday and was identified as subhash chandra Rabha. Rabha lived under the Rangjuli police station in Panditpara village. The neighbors claim that at around two in the morning, Rabha went for a walk when he was suddenly assaulted by a wild elephant. Locals claimed that the elephant had dragged him to a nearby village, where it stomped him to death.

After the event was reported by the people to the police and forest officials, a group of forest guards arrived at the location early on sunday morning and removed Rabha's body. The forest agency was also charged by the people with disregarding the man-elephant conflict in the area. "We're looking for a long-term fix to stop these tragedies. One of the residents remarked, "We don't have anyone who can come up with a solution, so we live in fear."

Over the past two years, Assamese forest officials have reported that a number of wild elephants have perished from electrocution in Assam. The majority of these deaths have occurred as a result of people using live electric wires close to their homes as a deterrent to elephant movements.An adult elephant's carcass was discovered in the Tinsukia district's Pengaree area on Friday; the reason for the death was not revealed.

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