In a series of well-planned attacks on Sunday, gunmen in the Russian North Caucasus province of Dagestan attacked a synagogue, two Orthodox churches, and a police post, leaving over 15 police officers, a priest, and over a dozen other people injured.
Officials said there were also civilian casualties. The Russian authorities have not, however, confirmed the exact number of dead. The attacks in Makhachkala also resulted in injuries to three civilians and at least thirteen police personnel.
According to Dagestan's interior ministry, five of the attack's gunmen have also been shot and killed, as reported by news agency Reuters. Three terrorists were eliminated in Makhachkala, while two were eliminated in Derbent.
The shootings were labelled as terrorist activities by Russia's National Anti-Terrorist Committee, which also announced that a "terror investigation" had been opened into the incident. Additionally, a counterterrorism operation in the area was declared by the authorities. The attacks were not immediately attributed to anyone.
Derbent, which is home to an old Jewish population in the mostly Muslim North Caucasus area, is where the synagogue and church are situated. The police post attack happened in Dagestan's capital city of Makhachkala, which is close to georgia and Azerbaijan.

"This evening, two Orthodox churches, a synagogue, and a police checkpoint in the cities of Derbent and Makhachkala were the targets of gun attacks. The Russian National Antiterrorism Committee confirmed in a statement that two police officers and a priest from the Russian Orthodox Church had died as a consequence of the terrorist acts, based on early reports.
Shamil Khadulaev, the chairman of the Dagestan Public Monitoring Commission, informed CNN that father Nikolay was slain at the Derbent church; his neck was slashed. He was gravely unwell and 66 years old.

Father Nikolay, the priest slain in the Derbent church attack, was slashed in the throat by his assailants, according to Khadulaev.
"They cut his neck. Khadulaev stated, according to CNN, "He was 66 years old and very ill."
Social media users purportedly captured the incident with many armed black-clad individuals firing at passing police cars and civilians. Most of the injured are law enforcement personnel.
Following the attack, the synagogue, which is housed in a historic Jewish settlement in the South Caucasus and is recognised as a UNESCO World heritage Site, was in flames. russia Today claims that the gunmen ignited the structure using firebombs.

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