In an attempt to make people laugh and provide some cheap comedy, indian films frequently depict individuals with disabilities in a dehumanising and insulting way. This occurs in films from South india as well as Bollywood. The supreme court of india rendered a significant ruling on July 8, 2024, establishing guidelines for the portrayal of those with impairments in motion pictures.
This choice was made in response to criticism about the film Aankh Micholi, which starred paresh rawal and Mrunal Thakur and depicted crippled persons in a disrespectful manner. Movies featuring persons with disabilities should portray them in a courteous and truthful manner, according to Chief Justice of india DY Chandrachud and other justices.

Movies have a significant impact on how people think, and inaccurate portrayals of individuals with disabilities can lead to negative prejudices. The court ruled that, in order to respect handicapped people's dignity and the anti-discrimination statute, films should depict disabled people's genuine lives rather than merely caricatures.

The court also made the point that humour regarding disability ought to promote understanding rather than denigrate those with impairments. Activists for disability rights and members of the film industry welcome the supreme Court's ruling. They think it will result in more responsible and compassionate narratives about people with disabilities. The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016, which attempts to uphold the rights and dignity of handicapped persons in all spheres of life, is likewise supported by this ruling.

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