Following his weekend sighting with 20-year-old Lily Chee, there have been whispers of romance around Tobey Maguire. His ex-wife, Jennifer Meyer, has discussed these claims. Jennifer replied to a user on instagram, according to a recent story by The Independent, saying that Tobey "was kindly helping a friend to her car, being a good guy." At Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin's yearly Independence Day celebration in the Hamptons, New York, Tobey and Lily were spotted.

According to the story, a fan alerted Jennifer Meyer, the actor's ex-wife, to the allegations by posting a message in her comments area. A user asked, "Why is your ex-husband b**ging someone three years older than your daughter?" in a remark that was later removed.

"I don't usually respond to such nonsense, but he was kindly helping a friend to her car, being a good guy," Jennifer said in response. He has since received a lot of criticism online for dating someone he is not. However, I appreciate your hurtful remark, and I hope it cheered you up for the day. I'm sending you light and love.

As of right now, neither Lily nor Tobey have commented on this situation. Despite this, Lily did upload many photos on her instagram account from the party including her buddies. The actor was seen wrapping his arm around Lily's waist in the photos of the two of them. To the summer party, they arrived in identical all-white ensembles. Machine Gun Kelly, Megan Fox, Drake, Megan Thee Stallion, Lil Wayne, Emily Ratajkowski, tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Quavo, Druski, and Kim and Khloé Kardashian were all there.

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