How Did mumbai police Catch the Politician's Son?

72 Hours After the bmw Crash, mumbai police Arrested the Son of a Politician. According to sources, it took the mumbai police three days to apprehend accused bmw hit-and-run driver Mihir Shah because he had turned off his cell phone, as did his sisters and mother. After escaping the authorities after the accident on sunday morning, Mihir, 24, was eventually apprehended in Virar, which is close to Mumbai.

Kaveri Nakhwa (45), who was riding in the passenger seat, died when the luxury vehicle driven by Mihir is said to have crashed into a two-wheeler from behind in the Worli neighborhood of south central Mumbai on sunday morning. Her husband Pradeep, however, is said to have survived with minor injuries. According to the police, Mihir Shah then left his car and driver behind in an auto rickshaw and fled from the Kala nagar area, arriving at his woman friend's home in the suburban Goregaon region. According to a senior police official, the buddy called Mihir's sister, who made it to Goregaon and picked up Mihir and his companion at her Borivali home.

The Shah family then made the decision to drive an audi to a resort in Shahapur, thane district. The resort was occupied by Mihir, his mother Meena, sisters Kinjal and Pooja, and two acquaintances. mumbai police located Mihir's number after discovering who the friend was who was with him, however the officer stated that the guy had also turned off his cell phone. After leaving the Shahapur resort late on monday night, Mihir and his companion arrived in Virar, whereupon his friend turned on his cell phone for fifteen minutes, according to Mihir.

The officer continued, "Police found the mobile tower location right away and apprehended the two." Regarding Mihir's activities before the tragedy, the official stated that in the wee hours of the morning, Mihir Shah departed for South mumbai with his driver following a night out with friends at a bar in the Juhu neighborhood. At roughly 4:30 in the morning, he was seen driving the bmw in the Marine Drive neighborhood. Sitting next to him was driver Rajrushi Bidawat. kaveri Nakhwa was killed when the car struck the two-wheeler as it approached Worli.

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