The sense of urgency among the population to get vaccines has decreased dramatically as the daily tally of Covid-19 infections as well as fatalities has decreased in Telangana. people have developed vaccination hesitation when the situation has improved, vaccine supply has improved, and the Delta strain seems to have burned out. As a result, there is a significant backlog of people in telangana who have yet to receive their second dosage of Covid vaccinations.

Currently, 36 lakh people in telangana and 10 crore people across the country have obtained the first dosage of the vaccine but have not obtained the 2 doses. In telangana, there are approximately 2.87 crore competent individuals over the age of 18 who must get 5.74 crores (2.87 X 2) doses of Covid vaccination. telangana has administered approximately 3 crore vaccination doses so far, out of a total of 5.74 crores.

The health Department is holding special campaigns throughout the state to cover people who haven't taken their second Covid shot. Authorities, on the other hand, are having difficulty tracking down people who are unwilling to take the second dose. Public health specialists at the national scale have recommended that now is the perfect moment to close the interval between two Covid vaccination doses and address conditional reluctance.

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