Emperor Nero was fiddling as Rome was on fire. That was the proverb that was utilised for numerous incidents back in the day. The telugu cinema industry is also affected. The heroes are dozing off with their large bank balance while the industry cries out for justice. Yes, Neros are suddenly the heroes. They are just referred to as major heroes for financial gain. They barely ever step forward to address issues in the sector. During difficult moments like the Covid lockout, they distribute everyday necessities and hope to gain enormous promotion. They pretend to be benefactors while making a crisis donation.

However, they are not required to do it. The industry has to be organised. It requires a lot of comprehension. Almost all heroes have increased their compensation during the times of lockdown. After lockdowns, every industry has experienced a decline. Some companies have closed their doors forever. However, the movie stars increased their pay in order to reflect the OTT boom and haven't decreased it for any of their subsequent movies. Producers, distributors, and exhibitors will eventually bear a heavier burden.

Because their daily earnings have not increased over the past four years, the film industry workers have now called for a walkout. The federation claims that it is challenging because the industry is only now beginning to recover from the lockdown issue. The huge hero and politician Pawan Kalyan, who wants more than Rs 50 Cr for each movie, hasn't stepped up to support them. How can a leader expect to gain control at the state level if he or she cannot resolve a little issue inside his or her own industry?

In the industry, there are a number of young performers that appear onscreen with well-known actors like Balakrishna, Nagarjuna, ravi Teja, Nani, and many more. But why aren't they speaking out in their favour of them? They only require their sizable compensation. They don't care about the problems faced by daily bettors in their sector. These young performers lose their jobs after the foreign filming is finished. When they are hired here, they are seeking for more pay. What will happen to these huge heroes and their flamboyance if the movie industry is unable to comply with even that request? They must at least take the initiative to assist fellow young performers with their challenges. If not, let their bravery go to hell.

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