High Demand for Rice Bran..!? Is this the reason..?

Worldwide, after the Russia-Ukraine war, food inflation skyrocketed and not only affected the middle class, but food inflation, which plays a major role in retail inflation, has pushed a country's economy to the brink of collapse. Why is that, the million-dollar question of the people of the country at present ..?
The price of all kinds of cooking oil has risen from palm oil in India, the world's largest importer of cooking oil, as global production and distribution of cooking oil face a major impact. To address this, the central government has cut taxes on oil imports and temporarily reduced its prices, but the supply chain has begun to increase again due to the impact.Although rice is the main product in rice mills, rice bran is an important by-product. Rice bran is most commonly used for livestock and poultry feed. But in the last few years, cooking oil factories have begun to extract oil from rice bran. It is marketed as Rice Brand oil and was popular among people with a keen interest in health.At the same time, it was only bought by a small part of the population because it was more expensive than other cooking oils, but have to say that now its premium status has completely changed.The rise in global cooking oil prices was triggered by Indonesia's restrictions on palm oil exports and disruptions to sunflower oil exports from Ukraine. Sales of rice bran oil are on the rise due to the fact that rice bran oil is not depleted at this time but is slightly smaller than other cooking oils. This has led to an increase in the number of users of rice bran oil.

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