In a live concert, a female fan threw a bra at Nick Jonas, priyanka chopra did such a thing, people were surprised

An old video related to priyanka Chopra-Nick Jonas is going viral on the internet. In the video, priyanka is seen being protective of Nick.

Bollywood's 'Desi girl i.e. priyanka chopra has shifted abroad after marrying Nick Jonas. Couples from America often share more than one of their photos and videos. At the same time, the bonding between them is visible in each of their pictures. priyanka chopra and Nick Jonas do not hold back from showering love on each other even in public places. Not only this, but both are also very protective of each other. A video showing this is currently going viral on the internet.

This video going viral is from a concert by Nick Jonas. singer had come to perform a concert in America itself. During this, his better half i.e. priyanka was also involved in the crowd of the audience. Then something happened there, seeing which the fans of the actress are stunned. priyanka chopra is being described as a 'Typical indian Wife' in the internet world.

What is the whole matter?

It happened that during the concert, a female fan tries to throw her undergarment on Nick Jonas. However, only then did Priyanka's eyes fall on that fan. After this, you can see for yourself what Adara did like an indian wife.

In the video, you can see how priyanka snatches her undergarment from the fan's hand and walks away hanging it on her back. Seeing this, other people present there also remain shocked. Seeing priyanka being protective of Nick like this, people start laughing loudly by shouting her name. netizens are very fond of this style of actress. In this episode, now everyone is seen praising priyanka chopra fiercely.

Please tell me that this video is from the year 2019. priyanka chopra married American singer and musician Nick Jonas in the year 2018 with pomp at Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur. After this, the couple gave birth to a daughter Malti Mary Chopra Jonas in the year 2022 through surrogacy.

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