ATM withdrawal limit of major banks..! Charge hike..!

All government banks and private banks offer monthly free ATM transfers and fee-based transfers to customers. A new payment system has come into effect from today, charging an additional Rs 1 on ATM transactions. Both public sector and private banks charge their customers overdraft fees for monthly free transfers at their ATM centers. customers can make up to 5 free transfers per month at the ATMs of the bank with which they have their account. A fee of Rs.20 will be charged for the transfer above that. Henceforth an additional Rs.1 will be added to Rs.21. At other bank ATMs 3 times per month free of charge and beyond that you have to pay the fee. 5 transfers per month in non-metro cities. It varies depending on the type of debit card held by each customer. According to a circular issued by the RBI in june last year, a fee of Rs 21 will be charged for every transaction after the free transfer. It has come into effect from january 2022. Earlier, banks charged a fee of Rs.20. In this case, from august 1, they have imposed a fee of Rs. 17 for each transaction and Rs. 6 for non-financial transactions. You can see the annual fee charged by major banks for ATM cards or debit cards.

State bank of India:
Classic Debit Card, Silver, gold Debit Card, Contactless Debit Card Rs.125 per annum plus GST. For yuva and gold Debit Card, My Card Plus is Rs.175+GST per annum, Platinum Debit Card is Rs.250+GST per annum, Premium business Debit Card is Rs.350+GST, Debit Card Change Fee is Rs.300+GST, Duplicate Then Rs.50+ GST
Punjab National Bank:
There is no charge for RuPay cards. Rs.150 will be charged from the 2nd year onwards. Visa gold and RuPay international cards will incur an annual fee of Rs.250 and an annual maintenance fee of Rs.150. A fee of Rs 150 will be charged for ATM card replacement. Rs.15 penalties for a cashless account while remittance, Rs.50 charge for a duplicate PIN. customers can make up to 5 free transfers at the bank's ATMs. A fee of Rs.10 will be charged for each transfer above that. 3 transfers per month at ATMs in metro cities are free, beyond that, a charge of Rs.20 will be levied. In non-metro cities, 5 transfers per month and above will be charged at Rs.9.
HDFC Bank:
5 free transfers per month for savings and salary accounts. In metro cities 3 transfers are free and beyond that, each transfer is charged Rs.21.
5 transfers per month are free for non-metro cities and Rs.8.50 per transfer beyond that. 3 free transfers per month for current accounts, after which a charge of Rs.21 will be charged. 5 transfers are free in non-metro cities. Above Rs.21 charges plus tax.

Free transfer 5 times per month. 3 free transfers per month in metro cities and 5 times per month in non-metro cities. In non-metro cities, ATMs charge a fee of Rs 21 per transaction after free transfers. Balance check, and mini statement, all will be charged at Rs.21. An annual ATM maintenance fee of Rs.150 will be charged.
Axis Bank:
Axis bank customers can withdraw up to Rs.50,000 daily from ATMs. Daily POS exchange Rs.1.25 lakh. 4 free transfers per month or withdrawals up to Rs.1.50 lakh from bank ATMs with the account. After that, for every daily withdrawal of more than Rs.25 thousand, a fee of Rs.5 will be charged. If money is deposited in a cash deposit machine after banking hours, the transfer fee is Rs.50. Deposits above Rs.5000 per month during holidays will be charged Rs.50.

Free transfer 5 times per month. 3 free transfers per month in metro cities and 5 times per month in non-metro cities. Free transfer at Axis or non-Axis bank ATMs in non-metro cities will be charged Rs.21 per transfer.

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