These are the safest banks in India! RBI announced..!?

Recently the Silicon Valley bank of America was in debt. Due to this, people are afraid that their money is safe in banks. Recently the Silicon Valley bank of America was in debt. Due to this, people are afraid that their money is safe in banks. In such a situation, RBI has now published a list of safe banks. They do this because this money is useful in times of trouble. But sometimes the bank itself sinks. Then the hands of the hoarder of the money have nothing but a blow on the head. So it is better to check if the opposite bank is safe before handing over your money to someone. The Reserve bank earlier this year released the list of Domestic Systemically Important Banks (D-SIBs) 2022. In this, the names of the most secure banks in the country are included. You know that if even one big bank fails in a country, its loss falls on the entire indian economy. customers are affected differently.
Banks in this list:

- bank of india-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>state bank of india of Govt
-Private hdfc and ICICI

The names of one government and 2 private banks have been included in the list of safe banks published by the Reserve bank of India. In this, the name of the government department is state bank of India. Apart from this, two private sector banks are also included in this list. It includes the names of hdfc bank and ICICI Bank. Even if your account is not with sbi but with hdfc bank or icici bank, you will not face any problems.
Which banks can come to this list?

This list includes only banks that are required to maintain Common Equity Tier 1 (CET1) in addition to the regular capital conservation buffer. Similarly, icici bank and hdfc bank have to maintain an additional 0.2 percent.

RBI is keeping a close eye on the banks that appear in this RBI list. The RBI not only monitors the day-to-day operations of these banks but also keeps a strict watch on any large loan or account. Apart from this, if the bank loan is in any big scheme, it is also evaluated. Whether this will have any negative impact on the bank's overall business remains to be seen.

When is this list published?

The Reserve bank has been publishing the list of such banks since 2015. The Reserve bank considers that such banks are necessary for the country's economy. RBI has also given ratings to these banks. Only after this evaluation, the list of these important banks is prepared. But, so far only 3 banks' names have appeared in this list.

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