Although the streaming era has certain disadvantages, it has also made the world smaller, at least in terms of entertainment. In the same way, Netflix customers can now easily access rrr, an indian hit that has been playing to crowded theatres in india since march (and in a handful of screenings in North America). And from the crazed responses to the movie that have swept social media since its May 20 debut on Netflix, it appears that they have clicked.

On social media, a large number of foreign filmmakers, critics, and viewers have discussed their reactions to the movie. Most Westerners are shocked by the film's scope, and the prevailing reaction is one of awe and amazement. On social media, a print media article about rrr in Israeli media is now trending. The article discusses how rrr, a movie directed by SS rajamouli and starring ram charan and ntr, was published by an Israeli print outlet with the banner "What hollywood has forgotten."

Surprisingly, the article only highlighted the NTR-related scenes. It shows how spellbound they are by his portrayal of Bheem. Long before rrr, ntr was well-known throughout the world, and it is currently soaring to new heights. Everywhere, people are appreciating the classic tollywood movie. For SS Rajamouli's unmatched vision "RRR," many more accolades, awards, and recognitions from throughout the world are still to come.

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