The filmmaker is a major ysr fan. "My friend's daughter had a cardiac condition, which was one situation that had an impact on me. His finances are fragile. ysr had just begun Arogya Sri. The issue with my friend was resolved in a single day. I consequently became a huge fan. As soon as ysr died away, I sobbed a lot. Shekhar also responded to current controversies and the reasons behind his filing of a cybercrime case. "I didn't insult any political figures or castes with my statements.

Nithin's macherla Niyojakavargam will be released in theatres today, while Nikhi's karthikeya 2 will make a big splash in telugu states tomorrow (Aug. 13). Despite bollywood flicks Laal by Aamir and Rakshabandan by Akshay occupying theatres in telugu states as well, nithin will now take precedence over Nikhil. Only high-quality content will be supported in theatres, as was demonstrated only last week. Bimbisara and Sitaramam have raised the bar with their captivating content. Therefore, it is up to Nithin's mass-market film and Nikhil's fantasy film to take the necessary action.

Even the hindi audience is becoming interested in Bimbisara and Sitaramam, which are about to be released in hindi, as Bollywood's high aspirations for aamir khan and akshay kumar (Rakshabandan is his third movie after Bachhan Pandey and prithviraj this year) have crashed to the ground. And if the movies macherla Niyojakavargam and karthikeya 2 live up to expectations, telugu films may gain an advantage over bollywood that may remain forever. We'll see.

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