Bollywood superstar salman khan will have a significant role in the action comedy GodFather, which is being directed by Mohan Raja and starring megastar Chiranjeevi. In the dance number Thaar Maar Thakkar Maar, chiranjeevi and salman khan will be seen slapping their legs together. The song's promo went viral, and the song's audio received a great deal of support. The lyrical video has now been released in hindi and Telugu.

The upbeat song has a lot of energy and style, which is characteristic of the two megastars salman khan and Chiranjeevi. Even though they appeared sophisticated and fashionable in all-black suits, the stars' oora mass steps were so magical that it was difficult for us to blink from beginning to end. Fans Ki Pandagay and unquestionably Thaar Maar delivers feast for fans of both performers, according to a statement in the song.

Even though we only get to see a few dance routines in the lyrical video, prabhu deva Master, who is fully aware of the expectations on the song, has created some graceful and universally appealing dance techniques. The song's lyrics were written by Anantha Sriram, while shreya ghoshal sang the lead vocals. The movie, which is being produced on a massive scale, is an adaptation of the malayalam film Lucifer. The film is being produced by konidela Productions and Super Good Films, and it will premiere on october 5.

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