In hyderabad, Prasads IMAX evokes strong feelings in moviegoers. This multiplex had housed the largest IMAX screen in the nation. Prasads simply remained as a giant screen when the IMAX prints switched to wallet PLATFORM' target='_blank' title='digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>digital a few years ago. hyderabad is now left without an IMAX theatre. The great news is that Prasad's enormous screen is currently undergoing renovation with brand-new features and technological upgrades. About a month ago, the management closed the big screen so that renovations could be done.

The works are now in their penultimate stages. In the auditorium, a brand-new screen was just built. Prasads' Mohan Kumar, the IT and Technical Assistant Manager, posted some images of the new big screen. The size of this screen will rival that of the entire nation.

The largest screen in the nation is going up, posted Mohan Kumar as he shared images and video of it. tallest that can be produced globally. This object is 101.6 feet wide and 64 feet tall. specially created by @strong mdi for Prasad's. handled successfully by me. Prados Large Screen Prados Multiplex The first significant film to be released on this brand-new screen will be avatar 2. The Hyderabadi movie fans can't wait to see that magnificent movie on this epic screen.

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