Varun dhawan was recently questioned by karan johar about a list and why Kriti Sanon's name wasn't on it while promoting his movie Bhediya. varun responded by saying, "Kriti's name isn't on the list since it's listed in someone else's heart. That person is currently on set with deepika Padukone. varun dhawan did not identify the actor, but it appears that he was alluding to prabhas since he is currently filming Project K with deepika Padukone.

Since then, prabhas and kriti sanon have been the subject of numerous pieces in the bollywood media about their relationship. At home, a meme with venkatesh (playing Prabhas) asking venkatesh, "Hey Darling, is it true that you and Kriti are in a relationship?" is going viral on telugu Social media. "Hey fools, I am already confused about which movie I am filming for, what is your nuisance in between," venky (as Prabhas) responds.

All fandoms, even those of prabhas, are sharing this amusing meme. This meme sums up Prabhas' current predicament nicely. prabhas has so many movies in various phases of production (Adipurush, Salaar, Maruthi's movie, Vanga's Spirit, etc.) that it's possible he might forget which movie he's currently filming for.

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