KCR, the chief minister of Telangana, was criticised by YSRTP leader YS Sharmila, who called him India's richest politician and declared his government was the most corrupt in the nation. According to YS Sharmila, "KCR's party is full of egotistical, ambitious people whose main goal in life is to make money." "The largest fraud is the kaleshwaram project. All these concerns are only being brought up by us, "Added she.

The song seems to be perfect for the stage. To dance to the song in theatres, we must wait until december 9. The movie is produced by Maddireddy srinivas under the banner of SLS Movies and directed by ramakrishna Paramahamsa. For the movie, Ghantadi krishna wrote the score.

The producer Bekkam Venugopal-produced movie "Leharaayi" stars young, brilliant hero Ranjith and Soumya menon as the hero heroines. Venugopal has established a distinctive craze in the telugu cinema industry by his continual triumphs. S.L.S movies production is funding this project. Gagan Vihari of Dharmapuri fame, Rao Ramesh, Sr. Naresh, and ali also play significant roles in the movie, which marks ramakrishna Paramahamsa's directorial debut. With its promotional material, the movie touched everyone's hearts. It is currently going through post-production.

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