The most recent box office smash, love Today, debuted on OTT. Netflix bought the post-theatrical wallet PLATFORM' target='_blank' title='digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>digital streaming rights to the movie, and it is now accessible on the service. Although Netflix has the rights to both tamil and telugu versions, only tamil is currently available for streaming. After two weeks, the telugu version will be available. Last night, love Today began streaming on the OTT platform.

Love Today, which was originally intended to be a romantic comedy, has become a tremendous hit in Tamil. Last week, it was also successfully dubbed into Telugu. In the film, Uthaman Pradeep, a 24-year-old software engineer from Chennai, is featured in a committed relationship with Nikitha, one of his coworkers. pradeep eventually begs Nikitha's deeply spiritual father venu for approval to wed the two, but venu has one need that must be accomplished.

For one day, venu makes pradeep and Nikitha swap phones and all passwords. If they are still in love after the exchange, venu will approve their marriage. Sadly, what they discover on each other's phones will put their relationship to the ultimate test. Will they be able to overcome their mistrust and demonstrate their love? The remainder of the story is comprised of.

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