Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru (Khakee in Telugu) marked the debut of director H Vinoth as a bright talent, but his subsequent film valimai was a complete letdown. He is now working with ajith once more on Thunivu. Vinoth discussed how collections are altered to present a more favourable image of the industry during a recent interview.

"Box office collection manipulation has evolved into a type of social media survival," he declared. However, because they do it to survive, you cannot stop them. The identical movie will bring in different sums if it is released over a festival period as opposed to a non-holiday weekend, he continued. "Valimai is the All-Time No. 1 Grossing tamil movie released in the month of February, despite its initial mixed reviews," he claims. But nobody discusses it. 

He stated, "There are many discussions regarding Thunivu on social media and in the industry, but they are all far from the reality. Thunivu is my Sankranthi release. It is a multi-genre movie that defies categorization. A game of villains is thunivu. "The film contains everything that the audience likes to watch," he said in conclusion. Don't believe the rumours you read on social media. Await the trailer and the type of music we will release. then choose a choice. We have gained knowledge through Valimai's errors. Thhunnivu is also aiming for Sankranthi 2023 and will compete fiercely with Varisu in tamil Nadu, where there isn't much buzz about the movie.

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