The talk of the town is Chota K. Naidu's wicked deed on kajal aggarwal at the kavacham teaser launch event. Chota K. Naidu recently gave kajal aggarwal a cheek kiss on stage in front of the public and the media, as we've already reported. As the cinematographer violated all norms in front of the general public and media, kajal aggarwal was visibly uncomfortable.

Fans of kajal aggarwal are currently opposing Chota K Naidu. Everyone is aware of Nandamuri Balakrishna's degrading remarks about a number of actresses. And nobody protested against balakrishna when he kissed trisha krishnan in front of the audience during the nayaki audio launch ceremony, but when Chota K. Naidu kissed kajal aggarwal, everyone criticised the cinematographer. A small number of people are calling for Chota K Naidu to be immediately banned from the film industry and are disseminating old clips of the cinematographer on social media. Why not balakrishna if they are willing to kick Chota K Naidu out of office?

Even samantha faced a similar situation where her navel was described as Benz circle by a popular telugu Comedy actor in front of a massive crowd and she has been put to embarrassment already. 

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