SS rrr, a film by rajamouli, made history. The film received the first oscar nomination for a telugu film. The song Naatu Naatu from the film is up for Best Song. With this, rajamouli and his team wrote history, yet some media outlets tried to discredit rajamouli and rrr as soon as the movie was out. It is one thing to disparage the movie's content and belittle its box office success, but these media outlets continued to operate in denial long after the West began to appreciate the movie.

They claimed that everything is staged, including Netflix's popularity and the film's wildly positive reviews. Then, after Naatu Naatu received an oscar nomination, the solution appeared. They yet find it difficult to accept. They are now claiming that keeravani and chandrabose received the rrr oscar nomination. Technically, keeravani and chandrabose will have an oscar to their names (if it wins), but we all know that Rajamouli's vision and the dedication of ntr and ram Charan, who were supported by the team, are what make the film successful.

However, why would anyone have an issue with Rajamouli? After all, he is bringing honour to the telugu race and nation. Rajamouli's caste is the issue. These media outlets are virulent casteists who feed off of anti-Kamma sentiment and are unable to see a member of the group succeeding. Anyone from the community who does something remarkable is a problem in their eyes. These folks get indigestion even from rajamouli, who never brags about his community or anything else. For them, Chandrabose's rrr takes the place of Rajamouli's RRR. Brand rajamouli will keep rising even as they sob!

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